Makos Engineering

Maritime, Coastal, Enviromental, Architecture, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Computer, and Robotics

4-year High School Engineering Education Program

Where future engineers begin
their academic journey

Makos Engineering is the breeding ground for students wishing to pursue a career in one of the diverse engineering disciplines. Makos Engineering students continue their education at prestigious universities like MIT, Princeton, Georgia Tech, and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (UC). We teach materials (in high-school) that most students don't receive until their 1st, 2nd or even 3rd year of college education. Plus our "hand-on" curriculum (and maker-space shop) allow our students to build projects at a college graduate level that impact both MASt Academy and the greater Miami community. Our projects include underwater robots, ninja-warrior style obstacle course, solar-powered tiny houses, hydropotics, and esports arenas.

Academic Excellence and Essential Skills

Your have heard of STEM (STEAM) eduction. Unfortunately "STEM education" is overused with undefined standards. The Mako's engineering program at MAST Academy has adopted the TECII certification program, that provides its students with a 21st century skills-based engineering vocational education.

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