Mecha Makos Engineering and Robotics Booster Club (MMERBC)

The Mecha Makos Engineering and Robotics Booster Club(MMERBC) provides that valuable connection between the MAST Academy families and the academics classes and clubs of Mr. Miller. The MMERBC also encourages adults to come and volunteer, mentor the students, provide financial support for the robotics club, and form bonds with other parents and students that can have lasting influences. Booster Club members receive Mr. Miller’s newsletters. Family memberships are $50. Corporate memberships are $500.

Engineering Enrichment Trips

Engineering Enrichment field trips expose, excite and motivate the students to seek careers in various engineering disciplines. Additionally, the trip allow students to meet experts and participate in engineering workshops. Engineeirng enrichment trips are offered exclusively to engineering or technology club students and parents.

Parent-Teacher-Student Association

The PTSA is the best way for parents to stay involved in their childrens education experiences.

Green Champions

Green Champions is for the parents and students that are passionate about the engineering a sustainable world. The club provides the opportunity for parents to work side-by-side with other students and parents in accomplishing the goal of MAST Academy becoming the first Zero Net Energy and Zero Waste public school in the nation. The Green Champions are impacting both MAST Academy and the nation with its leadership. Below are just a few of the accomplishments of the Green Champions. There is still much that yet needs to be accomplished.