TECII Certification

TECII = Technology, Engineering, Coding, Innovation, Information

TECII (pronounced tek-ee) is a cross-discipline, four year high school educational track that is designed to validate students with cross-technology educational knowledge. Students that participate in technology clubs and classes are eligible to take the exam for TECII certification beginning in the year 2020. Certification will awarded based on earned badges, written exams and assigned problem-solving project as their final exam.
Technology – As a field of study, technology is the “T” in both STEM eduction. Technology is defined as the ability to shape and change the physical world to meet needs, by manipulating materials and tools with techniques to advance society.

EngineeringDesigning and building with a purpose is the definition of Engineering and is the “E” in STEM education. Engineers create physical and digital products to solve problems, answer needs and address desires. Engineering utilizes knowledge from science and mathematics, while incorporating skills in creativity, communication and collaboration.

Coding – There is growing recognition that coding is as fundimental as reading, writing and mathematics. Nowadays, students are expected to have the ability to problem-solve, to think logically, write algorithmically, and use computational tools for creating models and data visualizations. The ability to code requires knowledge of all of these skills.

Innovation – Bringing ideas from conception to reality using creative and ingenious processes is the definition innovation. Innovation does so by combining hands-on, global opportunities for building expertise from the engineering and the innovation processes that inspires analytic thinking, creativity, and ethical business practices through experiential learning.

Information – Securing data for instant storing, retrieving, and then analytically apply the knowledge that may influence human behavior is the heart of the TECII's information lessons. Data-analytics is a must-have ability for all students.

TECII @ MAST Academy

MAST Academy is the inital school for the TECII certification. Below explains how students can begin to earn their TECII certification.

Technology (Robotics club, TSA team project)

Using the Mecha Makos club, robotics are designed and build for both competitions and practical applications.

Engineering (engineering classes)

This four(4) year academic program provides students with a foundation of knowledge and technically oriented experiences in the study of applied engineering in a maritime themed curriculum.

Coding (computer science classes)

MAST Academy computer science academic program teaches today's modern computer languages.

Innovation (solar classes, GoGreen club, TSA club project)

MAST Academy students (GoGreen) are learning coastal, environmental and maritime engineering solutions that could someday preserve existing Miami and keep it a liviable-vibrate community into the 22nd century.

Information (computer science classes, Fin-tech club, eSports and TSA)

Cyber-Security, data-analytic and crypto-currencies are being taught as part of the various mathematics, coding, and engineering lessons. eSports club and TSA are after-school clubs. The Fin-tech club will be coming soon.