Mecha Makos Robotics

The Mecha Makos Robotics club competes at the highest level amongst the nation. Our teams are champions in VEX VRC and MATE underwater robotics competitions. To be compettive requires a committment 10+ additional hours beyond the school day.

Afterschool clubs are designed to be enjoyable. Therefore, the Mecha Makos Robotics Club encourages a spirit of cooperation and sportsmanship with the various other schools in the competitions. It is a winning formula that students really enjoy being part of the culture.


eSports Club offers MAST Academy students comrodorary through the competitive world of gaming. Not only will our eSports athletes become a responsible digital citizen but they will also become a part of a team that focuses on sportsmanship. Each athlete competes through tournaments to test their skills. If their skills are top notch they could potentially earn a eSports scholarship for a team at one of the hundreds of universities that currently have collegiate teams. Club members play on a competitive level against each other and other high schools. Games played include League of Legends, Overwatch, Super Smash Bros. The club also hosts Tik-Tok contests and many other non-violate game gatherings.

Coding Club

Coding Competitions called hackathons all the rage for students, newer programmers and even seasoned professionals. The rise in popularity comes for good reason. Not only are they fun, but they allow students to compete against other groups for a prize.

Green Champions

The Green Champions is an environmental stewardship club for both students and parents. The Green Champions program is a collaboration with the MAST PTSA Sustainability Committee, Frost Science, and the University of Miami along with support from community sponsors such as KBCF to help MAST become the first net zero energy and zero waste school in Florida. In 2019, MAST Academy received recognition as being a Green Ribbon School, in part for reducing environmental impact and costs. It is one of 37 schools to receive the U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools award.