Makos Engineering

Maritime, Coastal, Enviromental, Architecture, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Coding, and Robotics all in one 4-year curriculum

Where future engineers begin their academic journey

Makos Engineering is the breeding ground for students wishing to pursue a career in one of the diverse engineering disciplines. The academic rigor and hands on experiences of Makos engineering opportunities allow students to gain experiences that rival many college experiences. Makos Engineering graduates continue their education at prestigious universities like Florida Tech, MIT, Princeton, Georgia Tech, and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (UC). Our "hand-on" curriculum (and maker-space shop) allow our students to build projects at a college graduate level that impact both MAST Academy and the greater Miami community. Our projects include furnature making, underwater robots, building classic arcade systems, ninja-warrior style obstacle course, rc-car courses, zip-line course, esports, and entrepreneur product creation.

Applied Engineering Technology

  • FL-DOE Curriculum: Applied Engineering Technology I (8401110)
  • FL-DOE Curriculum: Applied Engineering Technology II (8401120)
  • FL-DOE Curriculum: Applied Engineering Technology III (8401130)
  • FL-DOE Curriculum: Advanced Technology Applications (8601900)

Applied Engineering Technology is a 4-year vocational curriculum allowing students to carefully plan and build their own solutions. Students learn proper techniques for hand and power tools, learn to work in teams, and learn project planning and accounting alongside of the engineeirng skillsets. Basic construction techniques are covered, a well as how to plan and organize their lifestyles.

Technology Clubs

  • Mecha Makos Robotics
  • Coding Club
  • E-Sports Club
  • Green Champions

School clubs create small communities. They attract people who share the same interests such as in music, arts, or sports. Club activities help students develop sense of unity and teamwork, learning how to work with others in reaching the same goals. They help learners develop social skills.

Mr. Miller is the sponsor of four after-school technology clubs.

Parents Involvement

  • Booster Club
  • Engineering Enrichment Trips
  • Newsletters Support
  • PTSA
  • Green Champions

And there is something for the parents young engineers. The Mecha Makos Engineering and Robotics Booster Club(MMERBC) provides that valuable connection between the MAST Academy families. The Boosters meet monthly with the students (via Zoom). This unique experience allows adults to mentor the students and form bonds that can last a lifetime.

There are also many other opportunites for parents to help with the engineering program that do not require long-term committement.