Mecha Makos

Robotics and Engineering Club


About the Club

The Mecha Makos Engineering & Robotics Club at Maritime and Science Technology Academy on Virginia Key is an after-school program that promotes STEM education for all MAST students. We compete in various events throughout the year that include robotics competitions, engineering contests, science and math challenges as well as technology conferences. The robotics team and engineering program have received numerous awards and recognition throughout the years and is highly respected in the community and among its peer schools.

Club Rules and Regulations

1. Students must adhere to all MAST Academy club rules and regulations and the Mecha Makos bylaws.

2. Students agree to attend a minimual of three(3) club meetings a month.

3. Students will maintain positive interactions with other members. (There will be zero tolerance for bullying and harassment.)

4. Students must be certified on all equipment before usage is approved. A safety spotter is always required.

5. Students agree to compete in the various robotics competitions throughout the year.

6. Students are expected to work diligently and collaboratively with the other members of the robotics club.

7. Mecha Makos is not a social club or “play time” club. If you are wasting valuable work time you will be asked to leave (banded) and your parents and administration will be notified.

8. Students must use care when operating robotics equipment and respect other team equipment.

9. Students must clean up their area at the end of each meeting.

10. Students/parents must provide their own transportation to/from club meetings and competitions.

Questions? Contact Coach Miller (via email: